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Recently there have been quite a few new members invited to the site who are solely using SFF for sales. Additionally, these new members have been posting items for sale with total disregard for the rules in place. SFF is not Craigslist and members should view the For Sale thread as a courtesy, not this forum's reason for existence.

Going forward, new members who only post in the For Sale Thread will find their accounts deleted or selling privileges revoked. There will be no hard and fast rule on this, it will be dealt with on a case by base basis.

When you invite someone to this forum, it is your responsibility to make sure they understand how things work, the rules in place and forum etiquette. If an invitee is causing issues on the forum, it may result in negative consequences not only for him or her, but for the member who invited them. This could include temporary banning, permanent banning, loss of invitation privileges, etc.

On a positive note, I'd like to thank all the members on this site who have helped us enforce the rules and keep this place running smoothly- You guys rule and are a perfect example of how a community based forum should work.

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SFF Moderators

Please use the Private Message system or members "walls" to communicate with them. Especially in the For Sale and Wanted sections. These features take place of whispers.

To do this, click on a members name. From here you can post on their profile page (this is visible to anyone) or you can click on the link to the left of the page to send a private message.

Additionally, you can set your preferences to email you anytime someone sends you a private message or posts to your profile.
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